Building on a budget (with Myari’s Purifiers)

So how do you play Warhammer Underworlds on a budget? Whether you’re cash strapped or simply can’t get a hold of certain warbands because no-one happens to stock them where you live, playing Underworlds competitively is achievable. This Myari’s Purifiers deck will demand respect from your opponent, but the best part is you won’t even need most of the expansions to build it.

Crimson Court, Sold out!
It’s gone!

A new Forsaken and Restricted list is always a welcome sight for deck builders on a budget. Cards on the restricted list reduce the need to access to them to compete.

A lil’ background.

I started playing Warhammer Underworlds just before Nightvault first came out, and it didn’t take long before I started joining local competitions. Initially I didn’t even want to play the game, I just saw the Spiteclaw’s Swarm minis and wanted to paint some cool looking ratbois.

Festering Skaven, painted
It holds the dagger with it’s tail! Source.

With such a massive card pool, how do you even consider competing without going out there and buying all the cards and expansions?!

Turns out it is possible. The first Shadeglass I won with [Magore's Fiends]magores-fiends-1-inspired card image - hover, with only cards from Nightvault, Magore’s Fiends, Spiteclaw’s Swarm and Farstriders. With a bit of luck I managed to do it again with [Steelheart's Champions]steelhearts-champions-1-inspired card image - hover.

Shadeglass trophy, Magore's fiends, Steelheart's Champions.
Winner winner chicken dinner.

Why do I mention this? It’s not entirely about self bragging (ok it is a little), but the more important message is it is possible to compete without a full collection. Increasing the size of your collection gives you options, but once your collection reaches a certain size, more expansions doesn’t help your ability to win much.

Direchasm pls

Back to the modern world. Direchasm and Beastgrave has upped the average power level of their warbands by a notch (compared to the old Shadespire warbands). This small power creep over time makes entering the hobby easier. You absolutely do not need to go buy all the old warbands. Most of the Direchasm warbands are powerful enough.

Which warband?

Building on a budget does change what we can do. In order for us to compete, we may need to substitute greedier objectives or cards with narrower functions. We want to pick a warband with already powerful faction cards, which minimizes our reliance on the Universal card pool, and therefore reduces the number of expansions we need to buy.

Warbands to avoid

If you’re playing on a budget, you want to avoid certain types of warbands. Warbands with a dependency on seasonal mechanics or combination of cards for glory swings (such as Hunger, [whu card type image iconFeed the Beastgrave]Feed the Beastgrave card image - hover or Primacy), require a broad card collection to play efficiently. This unfortunately rules out [Crimson Court]the-crimson-court-1-inspired card image - hover and [The Madmob]hedkrakkas-madmob-1-inspired card image - hover.

Suitable candidates

Warbands and playstyles that are aggressive and have strong faction cards make good candidates. For example [Morgok]morgoks-krushas-1-inspired card image - hover and [Rippa]rippas-snarlfangs-1-inspired card image - hover have strong fighters and most of their faction cards already reward an aggressive gameplan. Even if some of their faction cards are restricted, it means you won’t need access to as many restricted cards from other sets to play on even footing.

Warbands with fast scoring faction objectives and flexible fighters also make good candidates. Both [Myari's Purifiers]myaris-purifiers-1-inspired card image - hover and [Dread Pageant]the-dread-pageant-1-inspired card image - hover fit this bill. Both of these warbands can be built for a flexible gameplan. They can be played aggressively or defensively, and have strong faction cards (which means you don’t need to swap as many universal cards).

Shopping time!

So you want to compete without breaking the bank. How do we start? Regardless of which warband you want to play, you should be prepared to purchase at least:

  • Direchasm Core set.
  • Essentials pack (or if you an old school returning player with Shadespire / Nightvault / Beastgrave, you can probably skip this).
  • 2-3 expansions for extra cards

Money for Myari

Lets build Myari’s Purifiers on a budget. There’s a whole host of ways to play the Purifiers but the way I like to make them work is the flex style, sometimes known as “hold 2”. In short the warband aims to hold down two objectives while eliminating enemy fighters in the process. You can see this style played on Tabletop Sydney (decklist in video description), although the deck I’ve used is an aggressive variation.

Of course the deck we build won’t be exactly the same as we are working with limitations and we will be substituting cards out. Here’s the base Myari deck.

All the elf nonsense.

The goal is to stay flexible, allowing the warband to both score from holding objectives and from combat. When deckbuilding, I like to start with the objectives and then select the gambits and upgrades accordingly.

We add the following cards from Direchasm / Essentials pack

  • [whu card type image iconWinged Death]Winged Death card image - hover – with 2 ranged attackers, we will find ways to score this. We can add in some movement ploys to easily score the 6 hex charge condition too.
  • [whu card type image iconDominant Position]Dominant Position card image - hover – The perfect card for flex warbands.
  • [whu card type image iconPath to Victory]Path to Victory card image - hover – Solid 2 glory objective for holding down 2 objectives and taking out a fighter.

We take out our hardest to score objectives.

  • [whu card type image iconPatience of the Mountains]Patience of the Mountains card image - hover – Not a bad card if we were playing the defensive variant of Myari’s, but that deck is difficult to build on a budget.
  • [whu card type image iconPerfectionists]Perfectionists card image - hover – While not hard to score, if we draw it early it incentivizes us to waste Aetherquartz tokens, which is something we don’t want to do.
  • [whu card type image iconDiamond-bright Souls]Diamond-bright Souls card image - hover – Inspiring all fighters is not easy with this warband.

The deck is looking a little better but at this point it still needs a bit of refinement and we will need to pull in cards from other sets.

This does mean we need to add Morgwaeth’s Blade-coven and Khagra’s Ravagers to our shopping list.
We take out our hardest to score objectives.

  • [whu card type image iconVaunted Speed]Vaunted Speed card image - hover – Unless you are fighting dwarves, you will have a hard time scoring this without committing alot of cards to it.
  • [whu card type image iconSeal the Beastgrave]Seal the Beastgrave card image - hover – Supremacy is a good card, but it’s the hardest one to score with this warband. [whu card type image iconPerfect formation]Perfect formation card image - hover being a surge objective is much easier by comparison.
Myari will be doing alot of objective warming…

For a more aggressive variant, switch in [whu card type image iconSurge of Aggression]Surge of Aggression card image - hover over [whu card type image iconPerfect Formation]Perfect Formation card image - hover. You can score this by boosting [Bahannar]myaris-purifiers-2 card image - hover to 4 damage or by taking primacy the normal way.

On the ploys and upgrades, we basically switch out anything that doesn’t help us capture objectives or eliminate enemy fighters.

  • [whu card type image iconMalkyn Grace]Malkyn Grace card image - hover comes in because it allows us to capture far away objectives and score [whu card type image iconWinged Death]Winged Death card image - hover. There is a downside with temporarily losing a wound, but you can play around it (such as playing it in the last activation). I would look into upgrading this with [whu card type image iconOutrun Death]Outrun Death card image - hover or [whu card type image iconSpectral Wings]Spectral Wings card image - hover when possible.
  • [whu card type image iconSidestep]Sidestep card image - hover is a card you’re almost never sad to have in your hand. There are better options, but for now this will do.
  • [whu card type image iconDuel of Wits]Duel of Wits card image - hover unrestricted card draw, great card.

This leaves us to drop the following ploy cards:

For the upgrades, we drop almost all the fighter restricted ones apart from [whu card type image iconMountain Stance]Mountain Stance card image - hover, which is just too good to drop.

  • [whu card type image iconGreat Strength]Great Strength card image - hover is flat damage boost for all our fighters except [Senaela]myaris-purifiers-4 card image - hover.
  • [whu card type image iconGreat Fortitude]Great Fortitude card image - hover a flat wound boost, useful in a warband that starts with few wounds in the first place.
  • [whu card type image iconGloryseeker]Gloryseeker card image - hover This is how you make [Senaela]myaris-purifiers-4 card image - hover a threat (also good on everyone else). Give her this upgrade and she can start seriously threatening 4 wound fighters. 1 damage base, +1 for Gloryseeker +1 if she rolls a crit… and if they happen to be near a lethal…
  • [whu card type image iconFighter’s Ferocity]Fighter’s Ferocity card image - hover isn’t a flat damage upgrade, but it does work on all fighters in this warband, including the range 3+ attacks.
  • [whu card type image iconDominant Defender]Dominant Defender card image - hover keeps your fighters on objectives, occasionally it takes primacy too.
  • [whu card type image iconScavenged Armour]Scavenged Armour card image - hover keeps you alive, and keeps you on the objectives you’ve just taken from your opponent.

This is the final deck. Here’s the underworldsdb link. In summary this deck was made with cards from: Direchasm Core set, essential pack, Khagras Ravagers and Morgwaeths Blade-coven.

Could you improve this deck? Of course. Is it good enough to take games and matches at local tournaments? Sure is.

As you grow your collection, there are a number of better gambits we can switch in. [whu card type image iconDistraction]Distraction card image - hover is one of the best push gambits out there. [whu card type image iconShow of force]Show of force card image - hover is a solid upgrade in most warbands, and would be a good include even with it’s restricted status. [whu card type image iconUnsullied Hands]Unsullied Hands card image - hover is something we want to eventually swap out as only half our fighters can score it. [whu card type image iconTight Defence]Tight Defence card image - hover and [whu card type image iconSurvival Instincts]Survival Instincts card image - hover that give you effectively permanent guard, help keep you alive and sitting on objectives. [whu card type image iconHeeded instinct]Heeded instinct card image - hover is a better version of sidestep, especially if you have other cards that grant quarry.

Good luck out there!

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