Building on a Budget (with Dread Pageant)

We’re back with another Building on a Budget, this time focusing on the sultry swingers of Direchasm, the [Dread Pageant]the-dread-pageant-1-inspired card image - hover. If you’re not familiar with this series, we look at making competitive Warhammer Underworlds Championship decks for a variety of warbands without requiring every expansion or breaking your budget. Note that we aren’t trying to make a T1 tournament deck, but rather a deck that can compete and take games off of such tournament decks if possible, and give you a good start in the competitive arena of Underworlds.

While the last article in the series focused on an all-out aggressive warband, the Dread Pageant is capable of being built in a number of ways. Their faction cards support a number of playstyles, including holding objectives as well as getting into enemy territory and killing enemy fighters. While the second strategy can be viable with strong card support, we’re going to be focusing on the first avenue – holding objectives and scoring easy glory where possible, which fuels strong upgrades to power up [Vasillac]the-dread-pageant-1-inspired card image - hover and [Slakeslash]the-dread-pageant-2-inspired card image - hover.

Out of the box

Taking all of the faction cards provided within the Direchasm starter, we’re presented with the following decklist:

Shopping Time

As with all our articles, we’re going to assume you are starting your deckbuilding journey with the following items:

  • Direchasm core set
  • Essentials card pack (skip this if you are a returning Shadespire / Nightvault player as you will own most of the cards already)

To add to our shopping list, we’re going to add two expansions that were already mentioned in the first article: Morgwaeth’s Blade-coven and Khagra’s Ravagers. If you’ve followed along with the series thusfar, you should know the main reason for the Blade-coven here – and that’s [whu card type image iconHidden Purpose]Hidden Purpose card image - hover, but unlike Myari’s, there’s a couple of other key cards here that are very useful for the Dread Pageant. Finally, we’re going to add one new Direchasm warband – Elathain’s Soulraid.

A note on the Championship format rotation

As of the writing of this article (mid July 2021), we’re heading towards the twilight months of the current Beastgrave/Direchasm season of the Championship format. What does this mean? It means that at the end of the season (heralded by the release of the starter set for the new season), all Beastgrave universal cards will rotate out of play, and will no longer be legal in the Championship format. As such, the universal cards we’re recommending below from the Morgwaeth’s Blade-coven expansion will only be useable until that rotation date (which was December for the release of Direchasm, but historically has been around late September). Note that all Beastgrave warbands, and indeed every warband that has been released since the very first Warhammer Underworlds boxed set, will always be legal (and that includes their faction-specific cards, unless banned or restricted in the future).

As a result, where we have recommended universal cards from a warband expansion that will rotate out (both here and in the “potential purchases” section), it’s important you understand that you will only get a limited amount of playtime with those universal cards, and they will not be useable in the Championship format again unless they are reprinted in a future set. If you are a fan of the playstyle, aesthetics or models of any of the previous Warhammer Underworlds warbands, and are interested in them despite their universal cards rotating, then I highly recommend you pick up a copy before they exit widespread circulation.

Evaluating Objectives

Surge Objectives

Let’s take a look at the faction objectives, looking at our five available surges:

  • [whu card type image iconEndless Revel]Endless Revel card image - hover – An excellent surge – doable from round one, but gets even easier the longer the game goes on. Being able to move or charge to score this is great for enabling fighters to move on to objectives or charge enemy fighters. We’ll be keeping this one.
  • [Replace] [whu card type image iconExcess of Carnality]Excess of Carnality card image - hover – While this surge is definitely scoreable (and in some decks, pairs nicely with [whu card type image iconImpending Doom]Impending Doom card image - hover), it requires us to commit positionally with our fighters, which may not work for us given our need to hold usually two objectives. So we’ll replace this with a more flexible surge.
  • [Replace] [whu card type image iconExcess of Gluttony]Excess of Gluttony card image - hover – The inverse of Excess of Carnality, the same issues apply here – we need to commit positionally (or rely on our opponent being gracious enough to set this up for us) to score. Still too situational for our deck’s gameplan, so we’ll replace it.
  • [Replace] [whu card type image iconExcess of Vainglory]Excess of Vainglory card image - hover While a good surge, this relies on us killing a fighter with two or more upgrades, or our fighter having three upgrades when they make an attack action. While mid to late game you will likely get enough upgrades going on Vasillac or Slakeslash to make this happen, it does require you to commit to an attack, so for now we’ll replace it.
  • [Replace] [whu card type image iconGrisly Tableau]Grisly Tableau card image - hover – A running theme here, but this is a very situational kill surge. Not only do you have to kill a fighter, but they have to be holding an objective. While against some warbands such as [the Starblood Stalkers]the-starblood-stalkers-5 card image - hover you may consistently score it, against a lot of other warbands it will simply be a dead card. Replace.

So we’ve been pretty brutal with the surges here. Out of five possible candidates, only one, [whu card type image iconEndless Revel]Endless Revel card image - hover, has made the cut for us. That’s okay though. Let’s look at the alternatives we’re going to include to make up for it:

  • [whu card type image iconHidden Purpose]Hidden Purpose card image - hover – As said before, an absolute slam dunk for the hold two playstyle. Easy and consistent glory.
  • [whu card type image iconBranching Fate]Branching Fate card image - hover – Love it or hate it, this is a more consistent card than most of the candidates above. From the first activation of the game, both [Slakeslash]the-dread-pageant-2 card image - hover and [Hadzu]the-dread-pageant-3 card image - hover can score this for you. In the late game, Slakeslash will likely still be alive, and if you manage to inspire, [Glissette]the-dread-pageant-4-inspired card image - hover will also be able to help with this.
  • [whu card type image iconEverything to Prove]Everything to Prove card image - hover – This is another great card for Dread Pageant. On the one hand, it’s surge-speed [whu card type image iconUnderdog]Underdog card image - hover for one less glory, feeling a lot like a functional reprint of [whu card type image iconMartyred]Martyred card image - hover; on the other hand, due to Slakeslash being an innate Quarry, it’s an unrestricted [whu card type image iconSurge of Aggression]Surge of Aggression card image - hover. Windmill slam it in.
  • [whu card type image iconPrize Beyond Measure]Prize Beyond Measure card image - hover – While this is a bit slower and a little bit harder to score than our previous surges, it is quite consistent as you approach the midgame. Either Vasillac and/or Slakeslash will be racking up upgrades, and this surge leverages that with our need to hold objectives for our end phase glory. You could consider [whu card type image iconExcess of Vainglory]Excess of Vainglory card image - hover instead for this slot if you see yourself attacking more often.
  • [whu card type image iconWinged Death]Winged Death card image - hover – Our final surge, this can’t be reliably scored without card support, such as from [whu card type image iconMalkyn Grace]Malkyn Grace card image - hover (or if Hadzu gets lucky with ping damage), but it is more reliable than our other options. Alternatives in this slot could include [whu card type image iconSavage Exemplar]Savage Exemplar card image - hover, [whu card type image iconSurge of Aggression]Surge of Aggression card image - hover or [whu card type image iconTurned Tables]Turned Tables card image - hover. The first two rely on Vasillac, either killing someone or making a damage 4 attack respectively, or Slakeslash getting a kill. Otherwise, you could still consider [whu card type image iconExcess of Vainglory]Excess of Vainglory card image - hover here.

All in all, a balance between consistent and situational surges. Not bad for a budget deck.

End Phase Objectives

We’ve got seven available faction end phase objectives:

  • [Replace] [whu card type image iconBeautiful Deaths]Beautiful Deaths card image - hover – Wow, what a way to start the list. This objective is nigh impossible in this warband unless you build specifically for it. While you might get lucky and wipe three fighters, keeping three fighters alive from this warband can be very tricky. In any case, we’re not going full on aggression with this deck, so it’s a hard pass.
  • [Replace] [whu card type image iconCavalcade of Madness]Cavalcade of Madness card image - hover – This is a solid objective in terms of glory, but it’s just not consistent enough. The Dread Pageant’s inspiration condition can easily not happen in a game (even when winning), causing this to brick, and you still need to have three fighters alive. Pass.
  • [whu card type image iconExcess of Avidity]Excess of Avidity card image - hover – Now we’re talking. Faction reprint of [whu card type image iconDominant Position]Dominant Position card image - hover (which, spoiler alert, we’ll also be putting in this deck) means it’s perfectly placed for us.
  • [whu card type image iconExcess of Idolency]Excess of Idolency card image - hover – Another great hold objective, this has the added flexibility of having a second condition. While 99% of the time you will score this for holding two, there are rare occasions where you may score the other condition. Great for our game plan.
  • [Replace] [whu card type image iconExcess of Paramountcy]Excess of Paramountcy card image - hover – Too onerous for one glory. It also requires you to put Vasillac in enemy territory, which is not worth it going into a new round, where he could easily be killed if you lose priority. Pass.
  • [Replace] [whu card type image iconGodseekers]Godseekers card image - hover – This is a nice two glory end phase card, but it unfortunately does not mesh with the direction of this deck. If you were playing a more aggressive variant of the warband, you would absolutely take this as it’s a really solid card.
  • [Replace] [whu card type image iconScintillating Sadism]Scintillating Sadism card image - hover – Too hard to ensure, especially without ping damage support in your deck. Hard pass.

Out of our seven faction end phase cards, we’re keeping two. While that’s a low ratio, the ones we are keeping are absolutely vital to our playstyle. Let’s supplement that with some of our other cards:

  • [whu card type image iconDominant Position]Dominant Position card image - hover – No surprise after seeing Excess of Avidity. Perfect for us.
  • [whu card type image iconAhead of the Hunt]Ahead of the Hunt card image - hover – While it’s only one glory, it is almost guaranteed to be scored thanks to Slakeslash. Solid and reliable glory.
  • [whu card type image iconUnderdog]Underdog card image - hover – A fantastic card for us. The continued popularity of Primacy cards such as [whu card type image iconHaughty Resistance]Haughty Resistance card image - hover and [whu card type image iconProud Runner]Proud Runner card image - hover (even after restriction), along with the tendency for Hadzu to die due to his low wounds and defence means that we’ll often give up Primacy. In addition, if you’re falling behind on objectives due to your opponent’s tempo, you can score this on the other condition.
  • [whu card type image iconPath to Victory]Path to Victory card image - hover – a flex warband staple. Easier to score against some warbands than others, it’s still worth it in the context of the game currently. Alternatively, you could consider [whu card type image iconAbsolute Stillness]Absolute Stillness card image - hover, but this does require you to pilot Slakeslash in a particular way, which may limit your flexibility.

That rounds out the objectives. Let’s take a look at the end result:

17 glory is a little low for an objective warband, so we’ll need to ensure we have enough disruption and enabler gambits to ensure we score them. Let’s take a look at our options.

Evaluating Gambits

Let’s take a look at our faction gambits and see what makes the cut.

  • [Replace] [whu card type image iconBonded Bodyguard]Bonded Bodyguard card image - hover – This is an interesting card, but it isn’t quite flexible enough for what we need in this deck. While you can do some shenanigans where you use this as a functional push two to get Slakeslash on an objective or adjacent to an enemy fighter for an attack, it does rely on specific positioning from Vasillac to pull off. This might have more consideration if you opted to take Absolute Stillness, as you may need additional push tech to keep Slakeslash on an objective without moving. However, we’ll pass on it for now.
  • [whu card type image iconCruel Pangs]Cruel Pangs card image - hover – This is a nice gambit for helping to further the possibility of inspiring, as well as chipping a wound off of objective holders. While we’re not fully committing to the “inspire at all costs” game plan, faction [whu card type image iconLethal Ward]Lethal Ward card image - hover is still nice.
  • [whu card type image iconDark Desires]Dark Desires card image - hover – While this is decided by your opponent, when played correctly it can result in a “no-win” scenario for your opponent. For example, where you may push them into a lethal to inspire your warband, they may opt to give their fighter a move token, potentially giving you some breathing room. This card is good enough to stay.
  • [Replace] [whu card type image iconDeadly Embrace]Deadly Embrace card image - hover – This is too situational for not enough payoff. Early on, you won’t have the damage to make this worthwhile, and late game, the random nature of this effect means that there’s a good chance it won’t go off when you need it to. Pass.
  • [Replace] [whu card type image iconEnervating Perfume]Enervating Perfume card image - hover – While -1 damage effects are great in upgrades, having them in a ploy severely limits their usefulness. There are better cards for this slot.
  • [Replace] [whu card type image iconFuelled by Sensation]Fuelled by Sensation card image - hover – The usefulness of this card is limited by the fact that it can only be used on your fighters. While this allows you to manipulate (and potentially counteract after the fact) your inspiration condition, it has very little usage otherwise. Pass.
  • [whu card type image iconLure of Slaanesh]Lure of Slaanesh card image - hover – One of the best push cards in the game. a minimum 1 hex combination of [whu card type image iconSidestep]Sidestep card image - hover and [whu card type image iconDistraction]Distraction card image - hover, which can potentially go to 4 in the best case scenario. Insanely flexible, and close to mandatory.
  • [Replace] [whu card type image iconRush of Sensation]Rush of Sensation card image - hover – Too situational. If it allowed the move action after any successful attack action, it would be something to consider, but the limitation on taking an enemy out of action hampers the utility.
  • [whu card type image iconShared Pain]Shared Pain card image - hover – The lynchpin gambit for this warband. It enables so many interactions, such as saving your leader by redirecting damage to a nearby Hadzu, or moving damage on to Slakeslash to ensure you inspire. A fantastic card.
  • [Replace] [whu card type image iconVicious Barbs]Vicious Barbs card image - hover – While there might be occasions where un-inspiring a fighter is pivotal enough to make this worthwhile (such as in Round 3), the immediate re-inspiration after the effect ends makes this a non starter. If it was closer to [whu card type image iconHorrible Grin]Horrible Grin card image - hover it would be a lot more enticing. Skip.

Out of 10 gambits, we’re keeping four. Not a bad ratio considering, and the cards we are keeping are some of the strongest gambits in the game. With that in mind, let’s consider our replacements:

  • [whu card type image iconVictimise]Victimise card image - hover – Range 2 accuracy is getting harder to find in the Championship format, and this ploy is still one of the best. The additional clause of re-rolling everything against fighters with Quarry is significant, as so many upgrades and other gambits (such as [whu card type image iconEternal Chase]Eternal Chase card image - hover) now make you a Quarry.
  • [whu card type image iconDuel of Wits]Duel of Wits card image - hover – Unrestricted card draw at reaction speed. Perfect in almost any deck.
  • [whu card type image iconSlickrock]Slickrock card image - hover – An essential piece of tech for you to ensure you can hold more when playing against hold objective warbands. It is restricted, but we have the available slots to fit it in. As an alternative, you may consider [whu card type image iconMisdirection]Misdirection card image - hover.
  • [whu card type image iconSidestep]Sidestep card image - hover – With that in mind, another push is never a bad thing.
  • [whu card type image iconInspired Command]Inspired Command card image - hover – Another flexible card, we’ve got two modes, both of which can be helpful for our hold gameplan.
  • [whu card type image iconMalkyn Grace]Malkyn Grace card image - hover – While not a great speed card when compared to other alternatives such as [whu card type image iconOutrun Death]Outrun Death card image - hover, [whu card type image iconSpectral Wings]Spectral Wings card image - hover or even [whu card type image iconMembranous Wings]Membranous Wings card image - hover, it does give us the needed movement for Winged Death. If you have access to any of these other alternatives, including them instead would be a big step up. If you’re not taking Winged Death in your surges, consider either additional ping damage in the form of [whu card type image iconLethal Ward]Lethal Ward card image - hover, or more push tech in the form of [whu card type image iconMirror Move]Mirror Move card image - hover.

Now that we’ve got our objectives and gambits, let’s round it out by evaluating our upgrades.

Evaluating Upgrades

  • [whu card type image iconDistracting Ostentation]Distracting Ostentation card image - hover – This is a great defensive upgrade, and is made better by the fact that the equipped fighter doesn’t need to be the target of the attack action, making it a strictly better version of a card such as [whu card type image iconArmor of the Cythai]Armor of the Cythai card image - hover.
  • [Replace] [whu card type image iconSadistic Goad]Sadistic Goad card image - hover – This attack action is too weak to be considered relative to the warband’s default attack actions. If you’re looking for an effect like this that is potentially more powerful, consider [whu card type image iconWicked Lash]Wicked Lash card image - hover.
  • [whu card type image iconSickening Resilience]Sickening Resilience card image - hover – An amazing upgrade. Reducing damage to 1 33% of the time is a nightmare for your opponent’s attack math, and helps keep both Vasillac and Slakeslash alive longer than they probably should. Great card.
  • [Replace] [whu card type image iconSoporific Musk]Soporific Musk card image - hover – This effect doesn’t advance your gameplan, and frankly doesn’t have enough power to justify an upgrade slot. The 2 hex requirements minimises the chances of this effect shutting down “speed package” cards. Pass.
  • [Replace] [whu card type image iconStrength from Pain]Strength from Pain card image - hover – The conditional nature of the damage makes it harder to turn on, and there’s enough damage in Championship upgrades that conditional damage upgrades aren’t quite worth it.
  • [Replace] [whu card type image iconSwift as Desire]Swift as Desire card image - hover – Again, too conditional. There’s enough speed upgrades which give you either +2 move constantly, or +1 move and another benefit. Pass.
  • [Replace] [whu card type image iconCruel Volley]Cruel Volley card image - hover – As much as I love [Hadzu]the-dread-pageant-3 card image - hover, he is not worth a fighter restricted upgrade, especially for such a low damage effect. There’s a good chance that Hadzu dies before you even get the chance to equip this. Skip.
  • [Replace] [whu card type image iconDance Without End]Dance Without End card image - hover – While this does have its uses, it’s too situational and is restricted to Glissette. Replace.
  • [Replace] [whu card type image iconMark of the Dark Prince]Mark of the Dark Prince card image - hover – While on-demand Cleave and Ensnare is nice, fighter restricted upgrades need to be on another level to justify their slot.
  • [Replace] [whu card type image iconSword-shatterer]Sword-shatterer card image - hover – Way too situational. Pass.

So we’re only keeping two faction upgrades. Time to add some more.

  • [whu card type image iconGreat Strength]Great Strength card image - hover – This needs no introduction. Unconditional extra damage. Perfect.
  • [whu card type image iconGreat Fortitude]Great Fortitude card image - hover – Another auto-include. Be mindful that giving this to Slakeslash means he’s worth two glory to your opponent if killed.
  • [whu card type image iconDominant Defender]Dominant Defender card image - hover – Mainly used for the first condition. Occasionally getting the Primacy may happen, either allowing you to score Everything to Prove quicker, or bricking Underdog for you (if it’s the last activation, for instance), which can be awkward, but it’s worth it here.
  • [whu card type image iconSavage Strength]Savage Strength card image - hover – Slakeslash and Vasillac will be your primary damage dealers, so the negative condition means nothing as they’re both already a single Block. Perfect for extra damage.
  • [whu card type image iconExperienced Eye]Experienced Eye card image - hover – Range 2 accuracy is hard to get in Championship, and Quarry upgrades are common enough that this will be on more often than not. In addition, most Quarry upgrades include at least two mentions of the keyword, meaning Vasillac will get full rerolls.
  • [whu card type image iconSavage Speed]Savage Speed card image - hover – Another card to help turn on Winged Death. If you replaced Winged Death with a different surge, consider either a utility upgrade or additional defence (such as [whu card type image iconFormidable Defence]Formidable Defence card image - hover) to make Glissette almost unkillable or keep Hadzu around longer.
  • [whu card type image iconHunter’s Talisman]Hunter’s Talisman card image - hover – Slakeslash can equip this natively, and Vasillac can equip this once he gets any of the other three upgrades above. More accuracy is never bad.
  • [whu card type image iconGloryseeker]Gloryseeker card image - hover – More damage is never bad.

Putting it all together

With our selections above, the deck looks like this:

Example Hand

Excess of Avidity card image

Ahead of the Hunt card image

Endless Revel card image

Victimise card image

Malkyn Grace card image

Hunter’s Talisman card image

Duel of Wits card image

Slickrock card image

This is a good hand to highlight some potential lines of play in the warband. We’ve got one almost guaranteed glory in Ahead of the Hunt, and then our faction hold more for end phase. Luckily we have a couple of cards in our hand that can support us with this. The big one is Slickrock, which enables us to throw off an objective holder who attempts to move on to block our end phase scoring. We’ve also got Duel of Wits, which is likely to be played at some point during the phase. Let’s draw two more cards and see what we have access to:

Inspired Command card image

Great Strength card image

Inspired Command is helpful for keeping us on objectives, by either pushing on to one or giving a guard token to Slakeslash or Hadzu to ensure they can’t be driven back off of one they’re already on. Great Strength will help fuel either Slakeslash or our leader going into Round 2.

Finally, our one surge in hand, Endless Revel. It’s likely that unless you lose a fighter early, you’ll be scoring this on your fourth activation of the phase. Let’s draw another objective card and see where we land:

Excess of Idolency card image

Great. While we may not be able to guarantee holding more than our opponent (thanks to them either holding three or equaling us with holding two), we may be able to score this for simply holding two objectives. Alternatively, if playing against aggro, we might not be able to hold two, but we may be able to simply hold more than them due to how they’ve positioned their fighters. So going into end phase, we’re looking at 4-6 glory depending on how the round went. Not a bad first round, and sets us up well with our in-hand upgrades to allow Slakeslash or Vasillac to start killing some enemy fighters in the next round. As I said in my previous article, these sample hands are simply indicative of potential lines of play, and real games can of course play out very differently.

Potential purchases and next upgrades

There’s a couple of warbands you could consider purchasing to enhance your experience with this warband. These are of course not the only cards that could enhance this deck, as almost every warband in Warhammer Underworlds offers at least one interesting or strong universal card that can enhance or modify the way you play your decks – but these are some warbands that offer more than one card that supplement the style of play we’ve developed above. First up is a Beastgrave warband, [Rippa's Snarlfangs]rippas-snarlfangs-1 card image - hover:

  • [whu card type image iconGathered Momentum]Gathered Momentum card image - hover – A fantastic surge that has usage in almost every deck, whether it’s aggro or hold objective. You only need one move to boost an uninspired fighter to score this, and often you can score the second condition of this as well. A great card to add to your collection.
  • [whu card type image iconTemporary Victory]Temporary Victory card image - hover – Contentious, but a very strong surge. While your mileage in your meta may vary, overall it’s a great objective for upping your glory ceiling, especially in the early game.
  • [whu card type image iconHidden Presence]Hidden Presence card image - hover – This is an upgrade I’ve been using in my Dread Pageant deck for a while now, and it’s become a staple for me. Not only does it make the equipped fighter a Quarry (which is relevant for cards such as Ahead of the Hunt, and as we’ll discuss further down, objectives like [whu card type image iconLie in Wait]Lie in Wait card image - hover), it prevents the fighter from being targeted by gambits. This can be huge for a number of reasons. One, it means that taking Glissette off an objective is almost impossible without investing multiple attacks (or getting lucky). Two, it enhances the survivability of Vasillac or Slakeslash even further.

Next, we’ll look at [Hedkrakka's Madmob]hedkrakkas-madmob-1 card image - hover:

  • [whu card type image iconLie in Wait]Lie in Wait card image - hover – As alluded to above, this is a great end phase card that requires you to hold a set number of objectives (as opposed to holding more). While out of the box you only have one Quarry in Slakeslash, you can supplement your ability to apply Quarry to your fighters with some of the cards mentioned here, making this a fairly consistent card.
  • [whu card type image iconHeeded Instinct]Heeded Instinct card image - hover – A very strong push card for this warband, thanks to the innate Quarry. At its worst, is another [whu card type image iconSidestep]Sidestep card image - hover, which is never bad, and being able to push two is great for counteracting cards such as [whu card type image iconRestless Prize]Restless Prize card image - hover.
  • [whu card type image iconSoultooth Net]Soultooth Net card image - hover – This is an upgrade that tends towards a more “control” approach, and is a little bit weaker overall than [whu card type image iconBarb-laden Net]Barb-laden Net card image - hover due to the fact it always discards after using it once. However, it does not have a Hunter requirement, meaning you can give this to any of your fighters to allow them to potentially lock a fighter down for a round.

Finally, the [Starblood Stalkers]the-starblood-stalkers-1 card image - hover:

  • [whu card type image iconLiving Land]Living Land card image - hover – This is a great gambit for ensuring you can stand on your objectives as needed to score your end phase cards. In addition, when facing another objective based warband, you may get some opportunities to flip their objectives, giving you an edge when scoring end phase cards that require you to hold more.
  • [whu card type image iconOutrun Death]Outrun Death card image - hover – The current premier speed card. +2 move that persists, allowing you to potentially make multiple 6+ hex moves (if you have cards that enable you to move twice). In addition, it gives the fighter Quarry, turning on Lie in Wait and Ahead of the Hunt.
  • [whu card type image iconProud Runner]Proud Runner card image - hover – Despite being recently restricted, this is a great card for enabling you to get Primacy. Not only does this allow you to score the other condition of [whu card type image iconEverything to Prove]Everything to Prove card image - hover, it also gives you +1 move, pushing you over the threshold for cards such as Gathered Momentum. If you can afford the restricted slot, this is well worth considering.

Taking a step back, you can look at this shell as something that can move towards more aggression or more control elements (such as the cards outlined above). While some cards within the deck are simply underpowered for what they do (such as [whu card type image iconMalkyn Grace]Malkyn Grace card image - hover), the overall gameplan is solid. As you grow your collection, you may find surges that are more consistent for how you play the warband, and those are something to consider as well.

In any case, I hope that this guide has been helpful in giving you potential ideas on how to play the Dread Pageant without breaking the bank. If you have any other ideas about how to play this warband, or ideas on what warband you’d like us to tackle next, sign off in the comments below!

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