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Myari’s Purifiers Combat Company Recap May 2022 – Nethermaze sniper edition

Nethermaze is out in Australia (our country is kind of slow) and we have another Combat Company event. I ran the purifiers this weekend at the local warhammer Underworlds tournament at the Combat Company.

My paint schemes are as degenerate as my play style. See my instagram for proof.

Gimme the Decklist!

Here it is. Image form below:

Notes on a couple of cards

[whu card type image iconChum the Waters]Chum the Waters card image - hover is absolutely bonkers in this deck. It’s one of the easiest 2 glory scores this deck can make. You have [whu card type image iconSuffocating Mists]Suffocating Mists card image - hover, [whu card type image iconChannel the wind]Channel the wind card image - hover and [whu card type image iconLethal Ward]Lethal Ward card image - hover to almost guarantee this will be scored. Not to mention [Senaela]myaris-purifiers-4 card image - hover who can put damage from across the board… glory printer goes brrrrrrrrt

[whu card type image iconFighter’s Ferocity]Fighter’s Ferocity card image - hover is not in this deck because the recent Errata has changed [Senaela]myaris-purifiers-4 card image - hover ranged 3 attack to grevious which means it no longer stacks. [whu card type image iconUnfazed]Unfazed card image - hover takes it’s place as [Bahannar/Banana]myaris-purifiers-2 card image - hover is now a Brawler and this makes him much harder to kill.

[whu card type image iconPerfect Strike]Perfect Strike card image - hover is in this deck because I am greedy git. That is all.

Myari’s job is just to score [whu card type image iconMagical Mark]Magical Mark card image - hover and [whu card type image iconPurifying Light]Purifying Light card image - hover by sitting at the back and keeping the objective warm. By camping the objective he also tiebreaks games, which came in handy at one point when we ended the game on 10-10 glory.

We had a 7 person turnout this event, a small fun event. I may have traumatized Kent again by running Ambertrap Nest with a longboard deployment, forcing his Vampires through a deadly lethal hex setup. Incase you’re like me and don’t commit all the board names to memory, it’s this deadly setup (Ambertrap Nest is the board with the 2 lethal hexes):

The degenerate setup

I got some audible complaints when I rolled the boards on the table this way, but don’t let anyone shame you into playing the most arrogant and degenerate elves in the underworlds. Myari’s purifiers is just as happy to play solitaire as they are dishing out pain.

However they are pretty fragile, against many warbands it only takes a single [whu card type image iconGreat Strength]Great Strength card image - hover (or any other +1 damage card) to boost someone into kill range of your haughty elves.

The final showdown

The final showdown

Justin’s Cursebreakers was the final boss. The game started off with Stormsire smacking Bahanna for 2 damage, then blasting him with a 1 damage gambit spell for the fatality. I thought I was destined to lose this game but [Senaela]myaris-purifiers-4 card image - hover kept rolling crits and headshotting the stormcast crew. She wiped the Cursebreakers off the board and secured me 1st place.

The moral of the story is that even if you’re off to a bad start or played badly, a couple of crits is all it takes to come back. Keep rollin’.

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  1. Nice article!!
    Please make more of this kind of article!!
    Just started to play Underworlds for about two months now, really love some analytical articles or VODs to improve my skill!
    Thank you!🙏

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