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Combo Skeletons F.A.R Jan 2022 update

It’s that time of the year GW decides it’s time to update their game systems and updates their Errata as well as their Forsaken and restricted list (FAR). Covid has made it hard to actually get some games down, but that doesn’t stop us from brewing decks.

In a previous article I went over the Combo skellies deck and how to make a deadly Sepulchral Guard deck work. In this post I’ll review some of the major changes and how they impact the Combo Skellies deck.

In addition to the Inspire steps listed in the Harrowdeep
rulebook, there is one Inspire step at the start of the
action phase (Elathain’s Soulraid and Morgwaeth’s
Blade Coven use this Inspire step) and one Inspire step
at the end of the action phase (the Chosen Axes, the
Farstriders, Skaeth’s Wild Hunt, the Grymwatch and the
Crimson Court use this Inspire step).

The inspire step change is fantastic. Besides the warbands mentioned above, another Warband that significantly benefits from this is Khagra’s Ravagers. I discuss playing Ravagers in championship in a previous article, and the inspire step did hold it back since Despoil activates at the end of the action phase. Now the Ravagers will inspire during the end phase and no longer need to wait till the next activation.

In Warhammer Underworlds: Harrowdeep, two fighter
traits were added: beast and flying. In addition, several
keywords have been added in the last few seasons that
are not reflected on older fighter cards. The following
fighters from older warbands gain the additional traits
and/or keywords listed here. In each case the trait
replaces a similar ability on their fighter card: from now
on these abilities all work in the same way

The Sepulchral Guard gain 2 keywords from this change, but neither of these are currently significant.

The HarvesterBrawler

The main change comes from the championship FAR (forsaken and restricted) changes. The decklist made previously now contains 8 restricted cards, making the deck now illegal.

The restricted cards that are critical to this deck are [whu card type image iconDuel of Wits]Duel of Wits card image - hover and [whu card type image iconPartial Resurrection]Partial Resurrection card image - hover. We need the card draw to dig for combo cards and the ability to bring back fighters without using an activation is key to this decks function.

For upgrades we can replace [whu card type image iconAugmented Limbs]Augmented Limbs card image - hover with [whu card type image iconShadow Mover]Shadow Mover card image - hover. For this warband extra movement is just as valuable as extra dice.

For gambits we only need to replace [whu card type image iconPunching up]Punching up card image - hover. [whu card type image iconLive for the Fight]Live for the Fight card image - hover or [whu card type image iconBreaking the Food Chain]Breaking the Food Chain card image - hover would be my replacement.

For objectives this is where it gets tricky. [whu card type image iconUnderdog]Underdog card image - hover, [whu card type image iconScant Resources]Scant Resources card image - hover, [whu card type image iconEverything to Prove]Everything to Prove card image - hover and [whu card type image iconContest of Equals]Contest of Equals card image - hover are all restricted. In my opinion the early glory matters more, so I would keep either [whu card type image iconEverything to Prove]Everything to Prove card image - hover or [whu card type image iconContest of Equals]Contest of Equals card image - hover and replace the rest.

For end phase I would suggest taking [whu card type image iconAggressive Display]Aggressive Display card image - hover and [whu card type image iconLost in Shadow]Lost in Shadow card image - hover. For surge you could take [whu card type image iconUnequal contest]Unequal contest card image - hover (relatively easy to score) or [whu card type image iconNot so fast]Not so fast card image - hover as your fighters all start with 2 movement.

Ultimately I end up with something like this decklist.

Hopefully this works out. Keeva, the original mad genius who came up with this idea is doing his own testing with his own decklist and we will share our findings on it’s efficacy once we’ve played some games.

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  1. What about “unlikely hero”? It’s restricted to a petitioner, but it’s a pretty big buff. Movement, wound, strength. And it lasts until the next power step so would apply to any scything or extra attacks from combo.
    Card works really well for Skaven also!

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